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Title: PAD 510 Assignment 1: Historical Perspective

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Pick two (2) similar federal policies that were discussed over a span of two (2) different administrations. For example, President Clinton’s and Obama’s healthcare policies or President’s George H.W. Bush’s and George W. Bush’s foreign policy.


Write a 3-4 page paper in which you:

Discuss the historical perspective of the time when each policy was discussed or implemented. Indicate the context or the problem of the day and the urgency for the policy. Analyze the social, economic, and political environments for the times the policies were discussed or implemented. Critique each policy for its effectiveness of the time. Use four to five (4-5) credible and reputable sources to support your points. 

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Title: PAD 510 Assignment 1: Historical Perspective

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...l policy on Iraq war between the two 41st and 43rd US President has been one endless contr...


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