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Title: PAD 510 Assignment 2: Analyzing the Policy

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This is a continuation of the first assignment. Choose one (1) of the two (2) policies that you used in Assignment 1 and continue your research and analysis for Assignment 2.


Submit your Assignment 1 revision based on your professor’s feedback. Then, write a 4-5 page paper in which you:

1.     Write a one-page summary of the policy, including the purpose, the context of the problem, and any recommendations or suggestions from the policy to address the problem. (Use your summary skills to keep this to one page.)

2.     Explain who all the players are – official and unofficial, and interest groups – involved with your policy.

3.     Describe the role and function of each of the players you identified.

4.     Of the list of players you identified, pick two (2) and describe the political influence of each player, explaining motives, conflicts, interrelationships, and impacts on the policy.

Use three to four (3-4) credible sources to support your points. 

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Title: PAD 510 Assignment 2: Analyzing the Policy

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...ter the attacks of September 11th, President Bush sent U.S. troops, with the assistance of some alli...


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