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Title: Assignment 5: Multiyear Plans and Analysis

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Assignment 5: Multiyear Plans and Analysis 




Review the document titled “City of Charlottesville 2010 Annual Comprehensive Plan” located in the course shell.

Write a three to four (3-4) page paperin which you:


Review the“City of Charlottesville2010 Annual Comprehensive Plan” and then complete Exercise 1 on page 152 using Exhibits C and D in the Annual Report and Table 9.4 on page 148.Change the title headers to the agency name. Save the Excel File as the agency’s name and includethe Multiyear Plan.



Analyze the comparison of ratios.

Analyze the measures of liquidity.

Analyze the long-term solvency.

Analyze asset management rations.

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Title: Assignment 5: Multiyear Plans and Analysis

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...bsp;         Assignment # 5 Your Name Multiyear Plans and Analysis Date ...


Budget Tools Chapter 09 Exercises Complete Tutorial.xls  (77K)

PAD 505-Assignment 5-Multiyear.docx  (72K)

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