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Question from cathya


Title: Revlon for Men with Visuals

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Assignment 3: Case 3-6 “Revlon for Men? Ubersexuals and the Changing Male Landscape”

Write a 4-5 page report that answers the following:

·        Develop a marketing strategy for Revlon to enter the men’s cosmetics market with a complete product line.

·        Determine and discuss the needed branding strategy that Revlon should use in entering the men’s cosmetics market.

·        Discuss how Revlon can use personality, emotion, and self-concept as the basis for its appeal for a men’s cosmetics line.

·        Determine which attitude change techniques would be most appropriate in persuading many men to use skin care products.

·        Using the demographic and psychographic information provided in the case, describe and explain the traits that would make the most desirable target market for a line of men’s cosmetics by Revlon.


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Title: Revlon for Men with Visuals

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...  This article introduces Revlon is a one the leading companies in the cosmetic industry on a ...


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